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Assorted Nonsense

Mind vomit, fangirling, and other more worthwhile stuff

Lamer McSillypants
Real life
Uh, 'sup. Graduated from college with a Human Biology major and a Classics (Latin language) minor. I have a great love of history, languages, and sociology, but since none of these make any money by themselves, I've resorted to going to med school, haha.

Shit I'll talk about
My old LJ has fallen into disuse, and I decided to start up a new one, especially since I pretty much use it just for fandom now. If you'd like to theorycraft, talk about characters, talk about stupid shit, or complain about fantards, I love you all.

Having said that, I'll also use it to drone on and on about real life (and FOOD--god, I love food), too.

Current stressors
Lol med school.

By the way, I fail at conciseness. Long, rambly posts, ahoy! Awesome.

Here, have a bunny.